About At Large Productions

At Large Productions is a Western Sydney based record label created by Fortay in 2009. With more than 8 mixtape albums and 10 commercial release albums, AT Large Productions has grown to become one of Australia’s leading underground hip hop labels. 

Not limited to just music, the brand has a range of clothes, merchandise, hosts and performs at many events, runs a yearly feed the streets campaign and regularly does talks at youth flexi centres, jail programs and more.

AT Large Productions Members

AT Large Artists

  • Fortay (Founder/Owner)
  • Redbak
  • Top Dawg
  • Drae Cliche
  • Mak and Zac
  • Jimmy The Junkie

AT Large Producers

  • Jimmy The Gent
  • Defiant
  • Dizzie Dayze
  • Colourd Noyz

At Large Productions provides a platform for artists, producers, videographers, graphic designers and more to be both heard and seen.