In what was probably the biggest news to come out of the Aussie hip hop scene in 2017, Kerser dropped a monster track featuring US heavy weights Young Buck and Future. Yeah… That’s right, I said Future.

The announcement came as a total surprise to fans when Kerser pretty much announced and dropped it out of nowhere! I caught up with Kers earlier in the week to find out how Total Concentration came about.

In 2013, Kerser received an email from Ghosts in the Room (A producer from Canberra) about doing a track with Young Buck (G-Unit). “I was keen as for the idea, but was doing my album and working towards putting Rates and Jay UF’s albums out”. He pretty much slept on it for a while until things slowed down. When he hit up Ghosts in the room again “it just so happened Future had stopped by Bucks studio and laid a verse for the song” says Kers. Looks like sometimes it pays to sleep on things…

Now, an Aussie rapper dropping a verse with big names from the US is nothing new for Aus rap, but nevertheless, fans were pretty pumped and some couldn’t believe it. In fact, a few people thought it was a stich up! Overall, The response was very positive. There were some that threw shade at Kerser, but that didn’t do much to take the shine off what is undoubtedly a massive achievement from the South West Sydney King. Opportunities like that just don’t fall on anyone’s lap, you gotta be somebody to make moves like that..

Kerser also told me he has finished his latest album, due for release November 2017. Now, I wasn’t expecting him to drop any major news in this interview but he did let slip that he’s been working with a new producer! Yeah brah, you read that right… He wouldn’t give me any deets on who this new dude was but I’m expecting something big from album 7.

On a deeper level, I asked Kers how his success has affected his music. I mean, he’s spending his days chillen on the beach in a big house, a far cry from the streets of Campbelltown. Kers said “heaps bro, made me heaps happier with my writing. I wrote most of this album overlooking the ocean. I always used to wish I could do that”. How good is that?

Check out Total Concentration.

Article by Andy Miller