By now you’ve no doubt heard of TKO (Tommy Owens). Like an over hand right you never saw coming, the Newcastle rapper has wasted no time in taking a swing at the scene he described as “too many geek cunts that wouldn’t stand up and do what they say”

He kicked off his career like many others through Hustle Hard TV, dropping his first video Struggle Street (S/O to Gunsta). For a rapper who’s only been at it for a year, he’s done alright. His first album ‘Road to Redemption’ debuted at number one on the iTunes charts. He says of his success so far “I pretty much blew up overnight”. A simple YouTube search confirms TKO gets them views.


His early days were spent in and out of jail and living on the streets, which is reflected in the staunch authenticity of his music. I asked him about what inspires his music and he said “from the life I’ve lived and what goes on in my life bro”. He’s since turned his life around after meeting his wife and now being a father to a beautiful little girl. He keeps his circle small and “only run with my brothers and that’s it, they know who they are…”. Looking back, I asked him what he would tell his 15yo self, he says “keep ya head up Tommy, gunna be another 10 years of hell but it will get better”. Words that would ring true with a lot of peeps these days. I guess that’s what appeals most about TKO’s music, its real, its genuine.

TKO plans to keep doing what he’s doing. He’s working on his second album and will be announcing some upcoming shows soon, he says “got some big things coming with my brothers Raypitt, OB, Nate, Kerv, Bully boy and the o.g. Fortay”

You can catch TKO on his Facebook: Tommy Ownes Instagram: @Tommy.Owens YouTube:TKO NewiBoys Official

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Article by Andy Miller