The Defiant

The Defiant Also know as defiant beats, recognised as one of the main creative forces behind Fortay Atlarge’s career since the early days. Born and raised in west Sydney he began is musical development before the age of social media and entertainment platforms such as YouTube.

Defiant started of as a sampled based producer spending countless hours in nearly every second hand record store in Sydney searching for them golden sounds from past eras . Rolling with his brother from another mother “Redbak aka Bravo Linguista” through the hiphop and battle scene in Sydney, he connected with Fortay at large to produce a his debut album ” Fortified”. Since then the Defiant has refined his skills as a producer and has blended his production style of sampling with live keys developing his own signature sound as heard in bangers such as “Shot Callers” the “Come smoke with me” series and many more.

His record of achievements has him stand tall with 7 albums under his belt, plus various collaborations with some of the best HipHop artist in Australia makes him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the music game.

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