The Fortnightly Report is back with episode 37 featuring South West Sydney emcee Furzs. He stepped onto the scene in 2011 with ‘Wouldn’t change a thing’, a collab with Boggsy. He’s already dropped his first mix tape, but, after pressing 200 copies, he found the Cd’s literally melted in any Cd player he put them in. While it was most likely a fault with the pressing of the Cd’s, Furzs likes to think it was caused by the fire in his lyrics! LOL

Furzs has already worked with some big names in the scene such as Nter and he took to the stage with the Trap Runners for the 2017 Fight for Corey event (RIP Corey Perez). We’re expecting big things from Furzs in 2018. Work has commenced on his first album and he will be ending 2017 on tour with Double L. You can grab updates from Furzs on his social media: Facebook: FURZS, Insta: @Furealness.

Check out ep 37 of The Fortnightly Report feat. FURZS





Article by Andy Miller